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Mastering Energy Efficiency

Mike Buettner, Alfa Laval, Asia, outlines how petrochemical producers can optimise condenser heat recovery in their aromatics processes.


Alfa Laval filter upgrade protects engine from catalytic fines 10 microns or less in size

Based on updated recommendations from its marine diesel engine manufacturers, China Shipping Tanker Company Ltd. decided to upgrade its current fuel oil filters to 10-micron filters for better protec...


Driving marine development through testing

Alfa Laval's Test & Training Centre can be likened to a functioning commercial vessel on land.


Toxic hazard becomes sellable resource in Kazakhstan

Entrepreneur uses Alfa Laval centrifuges to separate the waste oil that scars the Kazakh steppe into water, solids and marketable crude.


Moscow food markets come in from the cold

Moscow's traditional open markets have long been plagued by dubious food hygiene standards, dishonest traders and petty criminals. Now, the massive Food City complex is making food shopping in the Rus...


How the world's most advanced flood barrier will save Venice

Climate change is making the threat to Venice from rising seawater ever more urgent. Alfa Laval heat exchangers play an important role in the €5.5bn flood barrier being built to protect this iconic ci...


The new service paradigm

Long seen as something of an afterthought to the core business of selling products, service has become a way to stand out from the crowd by focusing on solving customers’ problems in the longer term, ...


An Alaskan fishing company’s quest for sustainable seafood

Innovative technology helps Westward Seafoods cut energy costs, meet strict environmental legislation and create value from waste.

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Staying on track

G. Manenti, V. Pescuma and S. Sarti, Alfa Laval Olmi Spa, Italy, provide an overview of the delivery schedule for a key piece of heat transfer equipment, process gas boiler packages, to fertilizer pla...