Produktion von Phosphorsäure

Corrosion, resource efficiency and environmental compliance are among the issues facing phosphoric acid producers today. With vast expertise, broad equipment portfolio and range of services, Alfa Laval helps manufacturers cope with these challenges. An excellent choice for wet and thermal processes, our energy-efficient heat exchangers reduce costs, improve product quality and increase yields.

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Optimizing phosphoric acid production processes

Converting raw phosphate ore into phosphoric acid and calcium sulfate dehydrate (gypsum) requires smart handling highly corrosive phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid and, during the cooling, aging and evaporation stages, gypsum.

Alfa Laval’s broad range of gasketed plate and spiral heat exchangers increase thermal efficiency while our high-speed separation systems effectively remove impurities, such as gypsum, from process streams.

Profite erhöhen - Energie recyclen

Boost profits - recycle your energy:Investitionen in die Abwärmenutzung sind oft säußerst profitabel. Die Amortisationszeiten betragen häufig sogar weniger als ein Jahr.