Reinigung von Kühlmitteln

Less downtime, higher efficiency, lower operating costs and more time on your hands. These are some of the compelling reasons to switch to a dedicated liquid cleaning module. By choosing high speed separation instead of using filters/skimmers or similar, your operation will run more smoothly, with a lower cost and a minimum impact on the environment.

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Coolants and wash liquids

Imagine using your wash liquids and coolants for years. With a cleaning module from Alfa Laval you will extend the service life of wash liquids and coolants up to 6-10 times, (in some cases for ever when topping up). This means that the consumption of concentrate/detergents is lower and disposal costs are reduced. 

Whether you are running a manufacturing operation or building custom made coolant filtration or degreasing systems, you or your customers will make substantial savings by choosing high speed separation instead of traditional methods like filters. For smaller or local tanks, Alfa Laval offers a portable cleaning unit. If you run a centralized system we suggest a permanent solution. Either way we work closely together with you to make sure we offer the very best solution for your system.

Wash liquids

Clean wash liquids save time and money. Continuous cleaning with high speed centrifugal separation extends the life of wash liquids by up to six times, with dramatic savings in replacement costs. The costs of disposing of contaminated liquids and filters are also greatly reduced.

Clean oil and particle-free service fluids help to increase product quality. They also ensure longer service life, reduce scrap and rework and minimize additional time in subsequent operations.

For the cleaning of wash liquids, Alfa Laval offers the AlfaPure. The AlfaPure range is a series of complete separation modules for cleaning the many kinds of water-based service fluids used in the metalworking industry, including washing lye and degreasing baths etc.


Many problems can be avoided by using dedicated coolant cleaning products from Alfa Laval. Replacing dirty coolants with traditional methods is messy and time consuming. With a high speed separator, the cleaning process is less complicated. It also offers a solution to stricter environmental legislation as well as follow-on costs in terms of wear on expensive tools and equipment.

When investing in high speed separation, you automatically invest in a profitable solution, prolonging your coolants’ service life by up to 10 years. At the same time, you get lower purchasing and disposal costs, fewer rejects, less manual work for tank cleaning and more production uptime.

Depending on your needs for the cleaning of coolants, Alfa Laval offers a fixed or a mobile solution for individual tanks with the Alfie 200 or the Alfie 500. For larger or centralized systems the AlfaPure is the way to go. It is a complete separation movable module with larger capacity. 

Whatever your choice, the installation is simple and no modification to your existing system is necessary. And since the centrifugal separator is installed in a bypass flow, cleaning can proceed both during production and when your equipment is idle.

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