2015-01-19 Product News

Alfa Laval adds high-pressure capability to the energy savings of AQUA Blue

In response to rising jacket water pressures, Alfa Laval has released a high-pressure option for the Alfa Laval AQUA Blue freshwater generator. The option’s modifications will allow AQUA Blue to handle even higher jacket water pressures than those in use today.

Launched just over a year ago, the AQUA Blue freshwater generator employs a unique plate technology. Alfa Laval’s 3-in-1 AQUA plates allow evaporation, separation and condensation to occur within the same plate pack, which means only half the seawater flow and pumping energy are needed. Thanks to a new option for AQUA Blue, this solution will now be available in a stronger configuration that withstands considerably higher jacket water pressures.

Ready for today’s pressures – and tomorrow’s

Jacket water cooling systems, which often provide heat for the desalination process, have changed when it comes to two-stroke engines as a result of slow steaming. The changes have been aimed at preventing cold corrosion in the engine cylinder liners, but they have also resulted in higher jacket water pressures. Where 4 bar was the previous standard, pressures of 5 bar or more are common today.

“Jacket water pressures will likely continue to rise,” says Alex Jönsson, the Alfa Laval Regional Business Manager responsible for marketing AQUA Blue. “When MAN increased to 5 bar, many suppliers of freshwater generators assumed they could stretch the boundaries a little, and thus avoid making major changes. Since then, Wärtsilä has gone up to 6 bar.”

Alfa Laval, despite having the Alfa Laval JWP-26 freshwater generator that can operate at 5 bar, decided early on to create a high-pressure option for AQUA Blue. “We made the opposite assumption, that we need to be prepared for even higher jacket water pressures,” says Jönsson. “Clearly this was the right decision, and now AQUA Blue gives us substantial room for further increases. We will continue to observe the developments in the market and to customize AQUA Blue as changes and new requirements arise.”

Good news for shipyards designing large vessels

The greater strength of the high-pressure option, in addition to the system’s already compact construction, will also increase the attraction of AQUA Blue for shipyards. The stronger configuration will simplify the design of large vessels with a deep draught, which otherwise pose challenges for the condenser section of plate-based freshwater generators.

“Because of its pressure abilities, the new option will allow AQUA Blue to perform optimally even when much of the ship is below the waterline,” says Jönsson. “This combines with the minimized footprint and service area to make AQUA Blue a truly flexible option for shipyards as well as ship owners.”

To learn more about AQUA Blue and Alfa Laval’s approach to freshwater generation, visit www.alfalaval.com/aqua

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