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Korrekt gereinigte Oliven stellen die Langlebigkeit und Leistung des weiteren Equipments in Ihrer Ölmühle sicher.

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In the olive oil extraction process, it is very important to clean the olives properly in order to guarantee suitable conditions to obtain the best possible product. Introducing clean olives into the process also means the machinery in the extraction line is protected from excessive wear and tear.

Alfa Laval supplies four standard types of washing sections, depending on capacity requirements and the degree of automation:

  • Compact washer
  • Standard washer
  • Special soft washer
  • Special automatic washer

Other washing sections can be supplied upon request.

Design features and benefits

Alfa Laval washing sections are made of stainless steel throughout, and are built for strength and reliability. They are designed for efficient cleaning of the olives, while safeguarding the integrity of the fruit.

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