Aalborg 3-Pass

Aalborg 3-Pass is an oil and gas-fired industrial boiler, which is designed and optimised with the total of Alfa Laval's technical and innovative competencies in every detail - inside out.

Aalborg 3-Pass是一款燃油和天然气工业锅炉-Aalborg 3-Pass is an oil and natural gas industrial boiler

A thoroughly industrial design based on recognised and well proven principles. Utilising the latest technology, the boiler is optimised to assure quality, reliability, long life, easy maintenance and sound economy.

Customer benefits

Easy installation

The boiler is ready to be plugged in. Supplied with ready-mounted burner, control panel, fittings and cables. 

Compact design

The small foot-print makes the boiler easy to incorporate.

Easy inspection and maintenance

To the greatest possible extent, all connections and valves are located on top of the boiler - easily accessible during installation, inspection and maintenance. A number of manholes facilitate internal inspection.

Easy to clean

The smoke tubes are fast and easy to clean thanks to the low number and efficiency of the spiral tubes.

Uniform, high steam quality

The boiler’s efficient steam drier delivers a dry, saturated steam. A superheater can also be installed.

Improved combustion

The furnace has a comparatively low heat release ratio and provides ample space for the flame. This improves combustion and limits flue gas emissions.


The boiler plant can be equipped with economiser, superheater, condensate tank, deaerator, feed water tank, blow down tank, and O2 combustion control.


Design data

  • Heat capacity:1.5 - 25.5 MW
  • Steam capacity: 2.0 - 39 t/h
  • Design pressure:up to 20.7 bar g
  • Steam temperature:Saturated
  • Efficiency (DIN 1942):91-95%

So funktioniert es.


Pressure parts

The heating surfaces are arranged symmetrically with the furnace in the centreline of the boiler to secure optimum water circulation. The furnace is designed with a plain surface for low pressures and with a corrugated furnace for higher pressures and capacities. The reversal chamber is fully water cooled to reduce the refractory to a minimum.

The pressure part builds on well documented design and production concepts. All pressure parts are manufactured in carefully selected materials without high tensile steel.  

Control system

The control system incorporates:
  • Burner Management System with load and sequence control
  • Water level control and safety equipment
  • Motor and oil heater starters

The control system can be enhanced by a load-sharing system which regulates the load between several boilers in one system, based on the POMC technology (Process-Optimising Multivariable Control). The POMC load-sharing system considerably boosts the boilers’ total efficiency over earlier generations of load-sharing systems.


Aalborg 3-Pass comes with a burner of either the pressure atomising, steam atomising or rotary cup type for fully automatic operation. Burners for fuels such as natural gas, oil or combined firing of gas and oil can be offered.