Clean lube oil efficiently with centrifugal separation

If the lube oil in your equipment is contaminated with particles and/or water, centrifugal separation is the best way to clean lube oil efficiently. With gravity force, particles and liquids of higher densities than oil are separated in the high-speed separator. The clean lube oil can then be recirculated into the production system, while sludge and water is safely contained to be taken care of separately.

Clean lube oil efficiently

An alternative to filter to clean lube oil efficiently

When we discuss impurities, it’s important to note that centrifugal separation is the only method which can separate both solid and liquid contaminants from lube oil in a single operation. Filter cleaning, which is often used in lube oil treatment, cannot handle both types of contaminants at the same time and requires a coalescing module which adds additional costs. If production is done offshore or in a restricted space, filter oil cleaning presents drawbacks because it requires filter cartridge replacement in case cartridge filter systems are installed.

Centrifuge excels at sudden higher water

Of the different types of lube oil cleaning systems available today, only a centrifuge can work at the same high quality of effectiveness with a high flow capacity while cleaning the oil from both solids and water. Neither electrostatic cleaners or vacuum purifiers can handle high volume flow and sudden water contamination.

Low operating costs

A centrifugal lube oil purifier is one of the most cost efficient systems on the market, with lower operating costs than other oil cleaning options. With a wide range of centrifugal oil cleaning systems to choose from, ranging from a simple ‘plug and play’ to more sophisticated systems, it is simple to select the module to best suit your needs. Further savings is offered without the need to recurrently purchase filters elements. With cleaner oil, less corrosion and damage are done to the equipment - which can double the lifetime of major machinery. This provides the most expansive savings in lowered Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The most efficient lube oil purifier on the market

Given its ability to remove both solid and water contaminants with supreme effectiveness at any volume, a centrifugal separator represents a sustainable method to clean lube oil efficiently. In most cases, lower operating costs and the least expensive total cost of ownership over filter technology provides users with the smartest choice when it comes to cleaning dirty lube oil.

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