OLMI PGB Package

PGB packages are heat transfer systems where process gases are cooled by means of water vaporization. They are constituted of a boiler and a steam drum as a minimum; other heat exchangers are frequently included in, like boiler water preheaters and steam superheaters.

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Optimizing heat recovery systems

Due to the complexity of process gas boiler packages, expertise and special know-how are necessary during engineering, procurement and construction. On this regard, Alfa Laval Olmi has supplied many packages for hydrogen and fertilizer plants, including site survey and services during package erection.

Alfa Laval Olmi process gas boiler packages are used in demanding processes in petrochemical plants, refineries, oil and gas production facilities and power stations around the world. Time and again these process-critical units deliver high performance and stable operation, optimizing heat recovery where it is needed most. Advanced welding and production technology, optimal choice of materials provide high performance and stable operation.

Reliable, cost-effective and ready to use

The Alfa Laval Olmi process gas boiler package is a reliable, cost-effective heat recovery system comprised of a steam drum and at least one process gas boiler. Convenient and ready to use, it is customized to your needs and can be either pre-assembled at seaport or assembled at site.

Custom engineered

Often the boiler package includes other process gas boilers and heat exchangers, such as steam superheaters and boiler feedwater pre-heaters. These are usually positioned in close proximity or directly connected to the steam drum. Process gas boiler packages are excellent choices wherever there is a surplus of high-level heat produced, such as in steam reforming plants, that requires integration. These heat recovery systems are challenging to design due to the complexity of the system layout, high-level of customization and advanced technology.

Due to the high degree of customization, advanced welding and quality control, Olmi process gas boiler packages require lead times of between 12 and 15 months prior to delivery.