Alfa Laval - Leistungsprüfung für Frischwassererzeuger

Leistungsprüfung für Süßwassergeneratoren

Die Optimierung des Wartungsplans Ihres Frischwassergenerators ist eine gute Möglichkeit, sowohl die allgemeine Produktionssicherheit zu erhöhen als auch die Wartungskosten zu reduzieren. Mit einem Alfa Laval Leistungsprüfung erhalten Sie die Informationen, die Sie benötigen, um den maximalen Durchsatz und die höchstmögliche Betriebszeit der Anlage zu sichern.

What we do

Certified and experienced Alfa Laval service engineers inspect the performance of your freshwater generator based on its actual operating conditions. Using their findings, our experts are able to recommend which maintenance and cleaning services your unit requires. More importantly, they can advise you when to use those services, and how often you need them.

By optimizing the maintenance and cleaning of your freshwater generator, you are able to avoid conducting unnecessary and time-consuming procedures. This not only saves on maintenance expenses, but it also reduces energy consumption and extends the lifetime of your unit.

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  • Ensure production reliability by minimizing failures and downtime
  • Minimize costs by avoiding unnecessary routine maintenance expenses
  • Increase equipment lifetime by minimizing the opening of the freshwater generator
  • Secure maximum throughput by optimizing cleaning intervals 

Scope of service

Alfa Laval service engineers can conduct a Performance Audit of your freshwater generator anywhere in the world. Following their inspection, the engineer performs an analysis of the collected data in order to provide you with a thorough report featuring:

  • Detailed performance status
  • Recommended actions
  • Suggestions for follow-up

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