Cleaning Services for freshwater generators

Keeping the plates of your freshwater generator as clean as possible is essential to optimizing performance. Alfa Laval Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) protects your freshwater generator with no equipment dismantling, thus saving valuable time for your crew.

What we do

The CIP unit is a system for removing scale in the evaporator section and fouling in the condenser section of your Alfa Laval freshwater generator. CIP restores optimal production of fresh water without the need for dismantling and with minimal use of cleaning chemicals. The fully automated cleaning process, which takes between 4 and 6 hours, eliminates time-consuming manual cleaning by your crew.

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  • Optimize equipment performance
  • Maintain a high level of production
  • Avoid expensive damage to gaskets and plate pack during manual cleaning
  • Minimize chemical consumption in cleaning

Scope of supply

The CIP unit comprises:

  • Tank
  • Hoses
  • Connection kit (included in CIP delivery)
  • Flow valves
  • Feed pump with starter

Also required:

  • Specially formulated Alfa P-Scale cleaning agent, available through an Alfa Laval distribution centre
  • Alfa P-Neutra for neutralizing Alfa P-scale
  • Fresh water supply to dilute Alfa P-Scale
  • Power supply of 230V or 115V

Scope of service

The service interval for CIP depends on the operating conditions of your freshwater generator. However, it is generally advised to perform CIP:

  • After a previously specified number of production hours
  • When the production of fresh water drops below 90% of the normal capacity
  • At a fixed interval to maintain optimal performance and production

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