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See the latest news we presented at Chillventa eSpecial!

Download the presentations we have shown during our speech or roundtables at Chillventa eSpecial and discover our latest news in terms of products and market trends.

Chillventa eSpecial: The Alfa Laval agenda


Our live presentation in the Chillventa supporting program


“How to comply with refrigerant charge limits with A2L for residential heat pumps” (in English)

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Our roundtable discussions


 “Let’s talk about ammonia CO2 cascade duties” (in English)

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“Let’s talk about plate heat exchanger technology compared with shell-and-tubes” (in English)

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“Let's talk about CO2 in commercial refrigeration!” (in German)

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14 October

"Let's talk about ammonia in heat pump applications" (in German)

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“Let's talk about the new Alfa Laval AXP82 for the CO2 commercial refrigeration” (in English)

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“Let’s talk about ammonia heat pumps” (in English)

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15 October

"Let’s talk about residential heat pumps” (in English)

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"Let's talk about energy efficiency in refrigeration applications” (in French)

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“Let’s talk about flooded evaporation” (in English)

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Heating and cooling applications are experiencing a rapid transformation. Demands for greater energy efficiency, the transition to low-GWP refrigerants, and other sustainability drivers are creating all new challenges. But Alfa Laval can help. From industrial heating and cooling to commercial refrigeration and residential duties, we have experience to meet the changes impacting your operation. Join our subject experts for the first ever webinar series devoted to the latest trends – and solutions – shaping our industry. This webinar series is in English.

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