Improving craft beer stability with flash pasteurization

Jackie O's Taproom and Production Brewery is an independent, family-owned brewery. Years ago, 18 months after packaging, 12 of Jackie O’s barrel-aged craft beers began to turn sour. Jackie O’s asked Alfa Laval for help. Introduced flash pasteurization with the Alfa Laval Flexitherm Mini. Now Jackie O’s can rest assured that their craft beers will be good for years to come. Watch the video to learn how the Alfa Laval Flexitherm Mini flipped Jackie O’s barrel-aging process on its head.

DATE 2023-11-28

Customer’s voice

Athens, Ohio, U.S.

The Flexitherm Mini flipped our barrel-aging program on its head. We don’t have issues anymore. I wish we had purchased it there or four years ago.”
The Flexitherm Mini has really helped stabilize our barrel-aging programme.”
The Flexitherm has given us the ability to feel more comfortable playing around with our barrel-aged products and have that much more confidence that those products are going to be shelf stable and delicious.”
When we send products through the Flexitherm, we know they're going to be good for years to come.”

Art Oestrike, President, Jacikie O’s Taproom and Production Brewery