Upcoming refinery events

We hope to see you at the IRPC conference in Helsinki, June 5-7!

Don't miss the opportunity to meet with us to discuss how Alfa Laval solutions can help your refineries:

• improve reliability and uptime
• increase yield and conversion rate
• maximize energy efficiency and reduce your environmental footprint
• reduce maintenance & repair needs, and
• minimize project expenditure.

Visit our booth and meet our experts

You are welcome to visit our booth to discuss your specific case with our experts Eva Andersson, Refinery Industry Manager, Alfa Laval and Thorbjorn Holm, Sales Engineer, Alfa Laval Nordic. Or why not just pop by for a coffee and at the same time you can attend our daily “lucky draw” with nice prizes.

Maximize Energy Efficiency in your Refinery Operations

In the conference we will make a presentation on how to maximize energy efficiency in existing refineries. We will present BAT solutions that are technically proven for oil refinery processing and share experience and results of projects where these solutions have been implemented. Real case stories of implemented projects in Europe, Asia and US will be highlighted together with savings and pay-back times for those projects, coupled with reduction of CO2. Presenter: Eva Andersson, Refinery Industry Manager, Alfa Laval


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Alfa Laval Refinery Team

Meet Alfa Laval at the IRPC 2019 in Helsinki

Sharing our know-how in refinery solutions

Meet us at the following events:

The ultimate problem solver

Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers are designed to handle the toughest heat transfer challenges. Whether it’s frequent fouling from dirty media, or limitations from pressure drop and floor space, they are the ultimate problem solver for liquid-to-liquid and two-phase duties. The robust, efficient and compact designs keep both installation and maintenance costs extremely low, and they have a proven reputation for almost never fouling up.

The champion of heat exchange

With over 30,000 units handling tough duties worldwide, Compabloc is the market champion when it comes to heat transfer. Laser-welded construction offers superior reliability in duties with aggressive media and high pressures and temperatures. Compabloc also offers 3-5 times the thermal efficiency of traditional shell-and-tube solutions, with a more compact design that is much easier to install and service.